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My new Victorian boots that I got for *$3* at a garage sale. Brand new, too.

Someone - help.

I am officially obsessed with Victorian boots and Steampunk boots. Sort of the same look, but you know.

If anyone knows where to get those (besides eBay and Amazon) plleeeassseee send me a message! I really want a pair of those!

P.S. - At one garage sale today, there were like 100 pairs of shoes, 50 pairs were brand new and guess what - they were imported from Italy. Originally around $100 and they were selling for $20. Brand new Italian purple pumps and the damn things were barely too small. (Size 37 1/2 which is a 7 1/2 I think… I don’t know.)

The 50 pairs were all imported from somewhere in Europe, mostly Italy and I saw a pair from France. All were brand new and all around $20. If you have size 7 - 7 1/2 feet - sorry. You missed some European shoes. I also threw a fit afterwards because they didn’t fit.

Dang you, feet.