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i hope i have money when (if) i have kids so they can dress fabulously.
someone needs to figure out where i can get these because i’ve searched high & low all over everywhere. help.
basically my life.

i want to throw away over half my closet. i have 7th grader clothes… not happening. really need to go shopping with a hollywood stylist so i can actually dress like the rest do!

More Deals from the mall today:
Tights (Charlotte Russe) - originally $7.50/ Got them for $2.99
Skirt (Charlotte Russe) - originally $12.99/ Got it for $2.99

Shirt (Pac Sun) - originally $19.50/ Got it for $6.40
Yay! New clothes!

*Attention: Fashion Bloggers/Fashion Lovers*

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If you like anything from vintage clothes to perfume to nail art, she has it on her blog!

Before she starts posting again, she needs quite a few followers to see her blog. So, if you don’t mind, go ahead and click on the link and follow a great fashion blog!

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If any of my followers like fashion and want to see some cool styles - definitely check this one out!


Shout-out for girls who love fashion! (Please read!)

I know a lot of people will skip over this but it’s worth a shot. 

I have been wanting a pair of high waisted jean shorts (go on Google and see them) and I cannot find them anywhere!

If you live in Indiana and you know where or how to get some, please send me a message of where you found yours. (Just don’t tell me go to goodwill and find 80s jeans and cut them off. I’ve already tried.)

They don’t have to be patterned or anything - just high waisted denim shorts.

Thank you so much! (Whoever reads this :D)