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Something for my followers & people viewing this:

Do you know of any really cheap thrift shops like Goodwill & Salvation Army (or other shops) that have actually decent quality pants and shirts? I’m looking for this because I love doing DIY’s and I want some good deals so I can make a profit on what I’m selling. I’ve found and it seems legit, so if anyone else has good ideas of where I can find low priced decent clothing items - lemme know.


(Live in Indianapolis, so somewhere near here please :D)

All the crap I got today!

1. - Green shoes I got from a garage sale at Mrs. Erdmann’s house! Wow. Didn’t think I’d run into her - $1.

2. Plaid shoes I got from another garage sale  - $1.

3. Artemis Fowl #5 at another garage sale! - $1.

4.-7. Shirts I got from DOTS!!! - around $20 for all of them!