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i’m really sick of people thinking they’re better than others. like get the fuck over yourself, you’re in show choir for christ’s sake. graduated little bitch right into me and rolled her eyes like i was in her way. no. you can swerve. i say hi to people that i know from last year and they give a half-ass ‘hi’ back. at least pretend like you care or don’t even respond. i’m really glad i wasted my hour going to an evening of mediocrity at FC (titled the ‘camp show’ ) where the shows were not even the least bit impressing. i will not go to any other program because i have been shown that i am completely unwelcome to the choir department, from the stuck up little assholes i’m trying to be nice to. 

i could’ve been doing my AP chem packet. 

what a fucking waste. the people i thought were my ‘friends’ are just so emotionally challenged it’s incredible. thanks for ruining my evening, dear show choir people. i’m glad i left.

Why the Anti Hobby Lobby bullshit needs to stop. Once and for all.


There’s a few things you need to educate yourself on before you jump on the bandwagon of people who have twisted the real information to make it sound like the end of the world, when it’s absolutely not.

"Hobby Lobby is denying their employees the right to buy birth control"