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Plus the guilty are warned to stand down and they refuse so they follow direct orders, and sometimes it’s shoot first.

Why don’t we for once have good news about policemen and women who do good for our community instead of having everyone believe they’re a bunch of violent figures?! Good god. I know so many cops who are wonderful people.

Yeah cause feeling suicidal is what I need at 10:30. I hate everything: a memoir by me.

DIY Ombre Shorts: Complete Tutorial

This was my 1st YouTube video I originally made for a speech for school. It’s a complete tutorial with step by step instructions on how to get this amazing ombre look to an old pair of jeans or shorts! Choose HD for great quality & check it out!

Thank you!

DIY: Tumblr-Inspired Sweatshirt Decal

This is my 2nd YouTube video on how to transform a plain sweatshirt/t-shirt into a customized cute wearable outfit! 

Check it out!

Megan Wheeler

Hi everyone! It would mean a LOT if you could watch my videos on YouTube. Just click on the link; I have a video of how to Ombre Dye Shorts, and a Tumblr inspired sweatshirt decal video. It’s mainly how to do an iron on transfer to transform a plain t-shirt/sweatshirt. 

Thank you so much! 

FUUUUUUUUCCCKKKK my LIFE! AP CHEM is the biggest bullshit class because it makes absolutely NO sense at ALL. Everyone else seems to understand the class like the back of their hand, but i’m having so many issues with everything. i swear i got an F on the quiz we had today, so i swear to god i will end up killing myself this year.


Sad//Bands//B&W Blog

I don’t see myself living past this year.

I swear to god that I’ll drive my car off of a fucking bridge or into a pole tomorrow.